Spending time outdoors with family and friends is one of the biggest benefits of living in Western Australia, and it is one of the main reasons so many people call our state home. While our sundrenched days and breezy evenings allow us to enjoy backyard barbecues throughout most of the year, to really enjoy the climate in comfort it’s vital to ensure you have adequate shade to keep your family and guests cool and protected from the harsh WA sun. There’s a number of alfresco shade structures you can utilise to make your outdoor living zone functional and comfortable all summer long, here’s just five of them.

Alfresco Shade Sails

Custom shade sails are an easy, attractive, and affordable shade solution for outdoor living spaces of all kinds. Stretched between posts or structures to cover patios and other outdoor areas, the right shade sail design will result in a contemporary shade structure that offers up to 98% protection from the sun regardless of the time of day. High-quality breathable fabrics allow excellent ventilation providing you with a comfortable, airy space even on the hottest of days. Waterproof shade sails will also offer excellent rain protection so that you can live, dine, and entertain outside in any season.


If you have an existing deck or patio that does not have any cover, you can construct a permanent, solid structure with a roof to transform it into a covered alfresco space. A pergola can be built in a variety of materials and architectural styles to significantly enhance visual appeal and functionality. It is a permanent solution that comes with the opportunity to significantly enhance the look and practicality of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

Cost-effective and readily available, outdoor umbrellas are available in a variety of styles, colours, and designs. Some require sturdy umbrella stands whilst other standalone options are fitted with heavy-duty bases for maximum stability. For standalone umbrellas, there are conventional options that have a straight pole and provide shade in a circle around that pole. These can be tilted to ensure the sun can be blocked regardless of the time of day. Off-set or cantilever umbrellas allow you to place the base out of the way and direct the shade to a specific area. Umbrellas are a great temporary option for parties or outdoor events, however they only shade limited areas at a time, must be packed away after use, and aren’t suitable for use in windy conditions.


When chosen correctly, the right gazebo can enhance your home’s outdoor living space, improving liveability and provide an aesthetically pleasing backyard centrepiece. With a solid roof and open sides, free-standing gazebos provide shade and shelter from the sun, yet allow breezes to flow through. A semi-permanent or permanent shade option, gazebos can’t be shifted to suit your needs, and they are one of the more expensive shade options for your backyard.

Tensile Membrane Structures

A fabric structure supported by compression or bending elements, such as beams, masts, or compression rings, tensile membrane structures are most often used in commercial outdoor alfresco settings. An attractive solution that maintains great natural light, these structures can span large distances so are ideal to cover pools and bigger outdoor dining and entertaining zones. Featuring a modern and sleek design with minimal steel work, tensile structures can be designed and installed to suit almost any requirements. For information on tensile membrane structures, Perth’s Supreme Shades is here to help.

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