Tensile or tension membrane structures are a visually attractive, highly functional, and cost-effective shading option ideal for a wide variety of outdoor applications including car parks, swimming pools, dining areas, walkways and more. Offering design flexibility, when properly engineered and installed, tensile shade structures also offer a wide range of benefits to a commercial space. For custom tensile membrane structures, Perth relies on Supreme Shade for quality, value, and professionalism. Here are just some of the great benefits of installing these types of shade structures.


Tension fabric structures are much more lightweight when compared to other types of permanent shade structures. Their lightweight nature provides the ability to span a large area with only limited framework and minimal support. Perfect for use as car park shade structures or other large outdoor area which require open space with minimal obstruction.

Colour Choice

Shade sail fabric is available in a wide variety of colours, making it ideal for creating visually interesting canopies for both commercial and residential purposes. From contemporary and traditional colours to fun, bold tones, utilising shade cloth fabric allows you to be creative or complementary to existing architecture.

Durable Fabrics

Tensile fabric is functional and highly durable, having been designed and engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions. Providing excellent protection from all the elements, they also absorb and reflect UV Rays whilst still allowing light to penetrate through.

Design Versatility

Offering incredible design flexibility, tension shade structures are a perfect solution for an abundance of applications. Architects, designers, and engineers have the freedom to develop eye-catching and innovative structures that span across large areas with ease.

Easy Installation

Shade fabric structures are much easier to install than their conventional counterparts. Faster to design, fabricate, construct, and install, fabric structures are typically manufactured at the factory and transported to site, and require less foundation and prep work than other shade constructions.


Architectural shade sail structures are far more cost-effective than rigid constructions when a large, clear span is required. The cost of a fabric structure can vary depending on a number of factors however, they will almost always be much more affordable than custom-designed traditional roof options.

For Custom Structures Made from Premium Commercial Shade Cloth, Perth’s Supreme Shades Has You Covered

When the benefits are considered, a tensile fabric shade structure is an excellent alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar option. They are ideal for large outdoor areas which require a spacious, open, and unobstructed area yet excellent weather protection. We understand that every business is different and has different needs, so we don’t provide one-size-fits-all shade sail solutions. Instead, we collaborate with each client to develop a customised shading option that is designed to suit their specific needs and budget. Whether you need childcare shade sails, carport structures or solutions for pool shade, Perth can trust our team to provide the best option for every situation. Get a quote online now or get in touch with our friendly team by calling (08) 9405 4310 today.