5 Exciting Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

So you’ve finally bought your dream house with a big backyard, an outdoor patio, and maybe a gazebo or a playground for the kids. But simply having all that outdoor space is just the first step. You also need to ensure that you can make the most of it – you want it to look good, be enjoyable to use and offer you comfort and safety.

Luckily, it’s not too difficult – follow the tips below and you’ll be making the most of your outdoor space in no time.

1. Avoid Musical Chairs

Once your outdoor space is all set up you’ll have so many options, from alfresco dining to backyard cocktail gatherings. But you don’t want your guests to be competing for somewhere to sit. To avoid awkward situations, make sure there are enough chairs. It’s a good idea to have backup chairs stored around the home for bigger gatherings. Even some good quality folding chairs or camp chairs will do.

2. Get Smart about Storage

You’ll need somewhere to put those extra chairs, so backyard storage is a great idea. But that’s not all you’ll want storage for. It really detracts from your outdoor leisure experience if you have to keep running back inside to get things. Have a think about what you might need during the course of a backyard gathering and create convenient backyard storage for these items. Aim for multi-functional storage solutions, such as tables and benches with space underneath or a serving cart with drawers and cabinets.

3. Shade Helps You Enjoy the Sun

Some people prefer to enjoy the sun from a shady spot, and for the sake of your health (and avoiding painful sunburn), it’s important to take breaks from the sunshine.

Residential shade sails are the perfect solution. You can use them to easily create shaded areas in your Perth yard. With the innovative Triax System, you can join the pipes holding the shade sails at any angle. This allows for limitless possibilities and flexibility in how you create shaded spaces. With our waterproof garden shade cloth options, you can also create a space to shelter from unexpected showers without retreating inside.

4. Defend against Insect Hordes

Buy some citronella candles to help keep mosquitoes at bay. You can also incorporate bug-repelling plants into your yard. Plants such as mint, lemon balm, basil, and lavender will do the trick.

5. Think beyond Summer and Spring

It’s natural to think about spending time outdoors in spring and summer, but don’t forget how cosy it can be to be rugged up and warm in the winter air. Think outdoor fireplaces, fire pits or overhead gas heaters for convenient adjustable warmth. An outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is an ingenious solution, transforming your outdoor space into a winter wonderland of warmth, friends, and pizza parties! Perfect this seasonal look with a waterproof shade cloth so you can enjoy your pizza even when the rain comes down.

Our shade sails help you to entertain in every season. Explore our range online and contact our team to discuss the best shade solution for you.