Protecting Your Family Through Summer

Protect Your Family with Our Summer Safety Tips Summer in Australia is a paradoxical time of careless fun and high anxiety. The warm days and blue skies make us want to get outside, but it’s [...]

The Benefits of Installing a Shade Sail

5 Exciting Benefits of Shade Sails Australia is famous for its great weather and here in Perth, we get some of the best. We enjoy long hot summers with barely a rainy day and mild [...]

How to Make The Most of Your Outdoor Space This Summer

5 Exciting Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space So you’ve finally bought your dream house with a big backyard, an outdoor patio, and maybe a gazebo or a playground for the kids. [...]

The Effects of UV Rays

Don’t Let UV Rays Ruin Your Summer Summer is a time for beach parties, barbecues, cold drinks and adventures with the kids. While all of this seems fun, there is more to summer safety than [...]

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