Perth’s climate can certainly be erratic, from scorching hot summers to tropical storms with extreme winds and rain, and all of these elements can cause significant damage to your car. Cars are an expensive asset that we need to look after and one of the best ways of caring for your car and prolonging its life is to have sufficient protection from the weather. At Supreme Shades, we are the experts in sail structures and carport shade sails for homes and businesses across Perth. Read on to see how shade sails can protect your cars against various weather conditions and the many reasons why they are the best solution for you.

Protection from Sun Damage

The Perth sun can be blisteringly hot, and having your car continuously exposed to extreme heat can make your car’s paint job fade, flake and peel prematurely and can cause rubber and plastic to warp, and even melt. Shade sails can block 97% of the suns UV rays, significantly reduce the amount of heat hitting your vehicle, helping to keep the exterior of your car in top condition.

Protection from Hail and Storms

Hail is by far the most damaging weather event for a car. Hail damage will depreciate the value of a vehicle and in severe cases, can cause a car to be written off by its insurer. With affordable carport shade sails, you can be assured that your car is well protected. Ensure you choose high quality shade cloth which have been tested against damaging winds and hail.

Protection from Rain

While sun and hail are often regarded as the elements which cause the most damage, rain can also cause significant damage to a vehicle. Rainwater collects contaminants and pollution as it falls through the air, producing acid rain. This type of damaging rain can wreak havoc with the paint work, creating stains that can only be removed with a professional buff or polish. 

What are the Other Benefits of Installing Shade Sails to Protect Your Car?

Quick and easy installation – unlike timber or metal carport structures, most shade sails can be installed within a few hours and generally do not require council permission (however, be sure to check the requirements with your local council).

Cost-effective – significantly more affordable than traditional carport structures, there are a variety of shade sail options to suit any budget.

Add visual interest – shade sails, which are generally in triangular or square in shape, come in a multitude of different colours, from plain and simple colours through to bright and bold hues. This allows for great design flexibility and gives you the opportunity to create an impactful carport design or one that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Whatever the style of your home or business, you can easily find a shade sail that will work well in giving it a new look.

Rain, hail and sun can cause permanent and severe damage to a car, which is very expensive to repair. Installing high quality custom carport shade sails is an affordable solution that not only provides incredible protection but looks good too. If you are looking for something to protect your car as well as add to the beauty of your home or place of business but you don’t have the budget for extended structures, then carport shade sails are your best choice. Get in touch with Supreme Shades today to discuss your options. Call us on (08) 9405 4310 or contact us online for a free quote.