How to Choose a Shade Sail

Perth’s weather patterns can be very unpredictable. One minute we are basking in the summer heat and the next minute the rain starts to pour. Often, we are caught out by the change, which is never ideal. Fortunately, with the right shade sail, you don’t need to worry about being caught in the weather again.

Plan It Out

Before deciding on the type of shade sail you need, map out the area you want to shade. Is this area on a level surface or raised concrete? Where are you going to install the fixing points? How much surface area do you need shaded? This will give you a guide on how much shade cloth you need. If you’re looking to save some time, just talk to a company that will manufacture, supply and install your shade sail for you.


Shade sails will vary in price depending on how much you need and the material. It is an investment well worth making and it will add much-needed protection from the sun. Supreme Shades offer quality shading at great prices that will complement any home. We know the importance of getting value for money and shade sails are no different.

Style It

It is no secret that a square shade will offer much more protection than a triangle one. However, don’t let that deter you from picking an odd-shaped shade. After all, you are designing your outdoor space!

Styling an outdoor area will transform your yard into a getaway within your own home!

Get Creative

Let’s say that you decide on a triangle shaped shade sail. To get the most out of your sail, consider layering triangle shades across each other.  Not only will this create a unique pattern, but you are maximising the amount of shade in your space. Shading doesn’t have to be boring and bland; it should be an expression of creativity. Some of our deepest thoughts come when we are in a quiet environment. Creativity requires a creative environment and adding colour to your outdoor area will have those juices flowing.


Shade sails are specifically designed to withstand the elements. As a leading shade sails specialist, we offer quality shades that won’t deteriorate under the hot sun. Our shades are designed to protect you from harmful UV rays and limit rain from seeping into your outdoor space. If the sun is keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, it is time to invest in a shade sail.

Choosing the right shade sail for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. At Supreme Shades, we ensure our clients are getting value for money with their shade. If you are interested in our shade sails, call us today on (08) 9405 4310 and we’ll happily assist.