Spring is upon us which is great news because Australians love nothing more than entertaining outdoors. Whether you have a small inner city courtyard, a sprawling deck or a large grassy yard, spring is the perfect time to get your outdoor spaces looking their best in preparation for the hot weather ahead. At Supreme Shades, we are the experts in high quality outdoor shade sails and waterproof shade sails to make any outdoor area comfortable and relaxing. Here’s our tips to help you prepare your alfresco areas for the upcoming sunny months.

Start with a Spring Clean

Many people neglect their outdoor areas during winter, so the first step is to wash away dust, dirt and debris from the past few months of rain and storms. Remove any rubbish, cobwebs, branches and leaves that may have accumulated. Pressure wash decking, tiles, pavers and bricks, and get the duster onto blinds, screens and shutters. Degrease the barbeque, wipe down your patio furniture and get any outdoor cushions and accessories out of storage. Once your space is clean you can focus on making it as comfortable as possible for family and guests to enjoy.

Create Shade and Shelter

Australian spring weather can be unpredictable, it can be sunny one moment and then showers the next so to ensure your outdoor areas have maximum functionality, now is the time to create shelter from the elements with custom outdoor shade sails. Before you launch into the project, you should ask yourself some questions to ensure you get the right shade sail for your needs:

  • How big is the area you want to cover? You may need more than one shade sail to cover the area appropriately.
  • Do you want protection from rain as well as sun? In this case you will need to choose waterproof shade sails.
  • Do you have a specific shape or design in mind? You might even be considering a couple of shade sails in differing shapes to create a real design feature.
  • To what will you affix the shade sail? You may need to consider installing posts.
  • Which colour will work best? A shade structure should complement your home and blend in seamlessly with the existing paint or brick colours. Also keep in mind the colour of your shade sail will determine the amount of UV rays that gets through, while most shade sail materials have UV blocking qualities, darker colours tend to absorb more UV and provide more shade than lighter colours.

It also pays to know the suns orientation path throughout the day. The sun is constantly moving so spend some time noting the path the sun takes and understand the shade that a shade sail casts will differ throughout the day, and this variance needs to be accounted for in the shade sail design to provide effective shading when you need it the most.

Get Your Barbeque Ready

Spring is the start of barbeque season, so clean off the cobwebs and give it a good clean and polish. It’s also a good idea to check your barbeque connections to make sure they are safe. If your grill is looking a bit tired or if you are worried about its safety, consider an upgrade. When positioning your barbeque, keep in mind that it should not be used too close to your shade sails, keep a reasonable distance to ensure the heat and chemicals in the fumes from the flame don’t effect the longevity of the sail fabric. If you are concerned or need general advice about BBQs and shade sails, give the team at Supreme Shades a call and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

The warmer months are fast approaching, which means barbeques, social get-togethers and just enjoying time in the outdoors are likely to increase. Making the best use of your outdoor space is essential to enjoy the warmer Australian months. If you are looking for the best outdoor shade sails and waterproof shade sails for your outdoor spaces, contact the experienced team at Supreme Shades today. We can design, make and install the perfect shade structure for your needs and budget. With over 18 years’ experience building and installing commercial and residential shade sail systems, there’s no better choice than Supreme Shades.