Shade Matters – Achieving That Amazing Look!

It is no secret that shade is an essential part of the exterior of any property. Without it, we are exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun, especially in summer. Choosing the right shading will keep your outdoor area protected from the elements. If you love to entertain outdoors, be sure to keep cool in the warmer months with the right shade solution.

Customise Your Shade

Forget boring and bland! When you work with Supreme Shades, we’ll have your outdoor space looking grand. Gone are the days where people could only choose a single colour for their outdoor shades. Our shade sails come in a spectacular array of colours. We have a style to suit any home and will happily discuss any recommendations or inspirations you may have.

Creating a Vibe

To create the perfect outdoor space, you must decide on the theme you are trying to achieve. If you want to shade an outdoor eating area, you wouldn’t choose a dull, dark colour. After all, colour has a big impact on how we react to things and process emotions! Choose a light or white coloured shade to give off a cool, peaceful vibe for your eating areas.

Added Extras

Shade sails are perfect for any home, especially for those that bear the full force of the sun. To really maximise the efficiency of your shade sails, you should consider adding plants and accessories. Why? Plants absorb carbon dioxide and help produce clean oxygen. As well as the environmental factors, plants will enhance the liveability of your outdoor space. Even with limited space, you can bring out your inner green thumb without breaking the bank.

Mix and Match

Different colours, sizes and shapes will enhance the uniqueness of your home. Specifically designed to complement the exterior of Perth homes, Supreme Shades’ sails are customisable. This means, you, the client can pick and choose the colour and size of your sail, to meet your home’s needs.


Lighting is essential to keep your outdoor space looking great. Depending on the size of your space and the type of shade sail you have, lighting your outdoor areas will be easy. Fairy lights can easily hang from the top of sails without damaging them. Large, outdoor fixtures are also a viable lighting option. This is a perfect option for sails that cover a large, open plan space

Before installing any lighting, be sure to do your research. Have larger areas designed b a lighting professional and never attempt to do your own electrical work.

Create a space that you can be proud of with a Supreme Shades sail. Our commitment to customer satisfaction puts us at the forefront of quality products and service. If you would like to know about our shade sails, get in touch with us today on (08) 9405 4310.