Summer is here! That means children can spend more time outdoors, but it also means possible exposure to blistering heat and harmful UV rays. Shade is highly important for safe outdoor play and is a must for all outdoor playgrounds. Not only providing a cooler climate over the playground, shade sails also filter out harmful UV rays and are completely customisable, making them the perfect shade solution for play areas of any shape and size. Supreme Shades can work with councils, schools and homeowners in Perth to design and construct shade sails to cover children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, general sport and recreation areas or backyard play spaces.

Why Is Shade Over Playgrounds Important?

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and each year more than 2000 Australians die from skin cancer. Because of their delicate skin, babies and children are at particular risk of sunburn and skin damage and research shows exposure to UV radiation during the first 15 years of life can greatly increase the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Shade is one of the best and easiest ways to protect against UV radiation and good-quality shade protection from structures such as shade sails can reduce UV exposure by up to 75%. Knowing this, ensuring there is high quality shade over children’s play areas should be of utmost priority.

What are the Benefits of Using Shade Sails Over a Playground?

Incorporating UV-protective shade sails into your playground area ensures children can have fun and stay active outside while still be protected from harmful UV rays. There are also many other benefits to using shade sails:

They ensure play equipment is kept cool to touch – shading a playground with shade sails will help prevent children from getting burns from hot play equipment. Playground burns can also happen during the winter if the playground is exposed to the sun long enough.

They increase the lifespan of play equipment – shade sails protect equipment against the fading and cracking that can happen from sun exposure over time.

They keep the area cooler – by using shade sails to cover a playground, children will be able to play longer, allowing them to have fun and stay active during the summer without the risk of overheating or suffering heat stroke.

They are a cost-effective solution in comparison to permanent shade structures.

They require little maintenance – most shade sail structures require very little maintenance, depending on the type you choose. Unlike timber structures which may require painting and steel roofs which may need gutters to be cleaned out, the fabric used in weatherproof sail structures is designed to be washed by the rain and block out harmful UV rays.

They are super durable – shade sails are specially designed to withstand the elements, providing a great shade solution that is resistant to wind, rain, moisture, and heat. Most shade sails come with a minimum 10 year guarantee on the fabric.

They look great – customisable shade sails come in a range of different colours, shapes, and sizes to suit the individual needs of your playground. Choose a natural colour fabric if you want your shade sails to blend in with surrounding trees or choose bright blue and red for a fun and vibrant look that complements the playful space they are shading.

Shade sails from Supreme Shades will add value and protection to any playground area or outdoor facility. Our high quality shade sails look great, will last for many years and ensure the delicate skin of children is shielded from the hot and damaging Australian sun. With a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes and colours, we can create a shade sail design to suit any needs and budget. Contact us today for a free quotation for your shade sail installation in Perth.