Winter is well and truly here, and while you may not be using your outdoor spaces as much as you were during the warmer months, winter is a great time to consider some shade sail checks and maintenance to help prolong the life of your shade sails and ensure they are will be in their best condition for the spring and summer seasons. At Supreme Shades, we specialise in designing, creating and installing bespoke shade sail solutions for homes and businesses all over Perth. Read ahead to learn more about maintaining and protecting your shade sails throughout winter.

Maintenance Tips for Shade Sails

Shade sails are made from sturdy, premium quality materials that are designed to stand withstand the harsh Australian climate, but there are few things you can do regularly to help prolong the life of your sails.

  • Check the fixing points are firm and tight – this will reduce wind flap and premature ageing, extending the life of your shade sail.
  • Check the condition of your shade sail and fixings to ensure they are in good condition and repair any replace any damaged fixings – this will ensure your shade sails will be able to withstand storms and harsh conditions.
  • Check and adjust the tension of the shade sail – a loose sail will move and flap significantly in the wind putting unnecessary loads on fixing points and posts. A shade sail that is properly tensioned will be able to better withstand strong winds.
  • Clean your shade sails using a mild dishwashing liquid with a low pressure hose – removing built up dirt and debris will prevent degradation of the fabric.

Taking Your Shade Sail Down During Winter

Taking down your shade sails in winter allows for more sunlight to penetrate into your home and heat up your interior naturally. This will reduce your heating costs and allow more natural light to flow through. While shade sails are built to withstand harsh elements, removing your shade sails in winter will help prevent any wear and tear from extreme weather conditions such as hail, wind and storms, prolonging the life of the fabric. If you choose to take down your shade sails, ensure they are dry, this will avoid mould during storage. Once removed, roll the sail, do not fold. This will prevent creases. Shade sails should also be correctly stored in a protective bag or wrap, in a garage or storage area away from weather, pets and rodents.

Consider Waterproof Shade Sails for the Winter Months

An excellent choice if you want to enjoy the outdoors even during the cooler months, waterproof shade sails are made from a durable PVC fabric, which provides a unique protective barrier, capable of withstanding all kinds of weather. The material is treated with specific chemicals to protect it against UV radiation, weather degradation and staining so you can be confident your waterproof shade sail can withstand even the harshest elements. Offering excellent protection from the sun and rain, as well as winds and hail waterproof shade sails are a great protective solution for your outdoor spaces during winter.

If you are looking for the best shade sails Perth has to offer or if you would like additional information on shade sail maintenance, then you can’t go past Supreme Shades. A Perth based family owned and operated company with over 18 years’ experience, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of custom shade sail solutions for any application. Utilising the latest technology and with limitless designs, we provide all-weather protection solutions for homes and businesses across Perth and regional WA. Contact our friendly team today on (08) 9405 4310.