Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds Perth

Perth has some of the best weather for outdoor living and entertaining which is why Supreme Shades offers an range of industry leading outdoor blinds from Ziptrak.

Outdoor blinds are known by many names including alfresco blinds, pergola blinds, veranda blinds and bistro blinds.  They add a touch of style to your entertaining area whilst adding value and versatility to your home! No matter how large your entertaining area, Supreme Shades can provide a solution, offering outdoor blinds in widths of up to 6.6m wide or 21 square meters in total.

Residential And Commercial Outdoor Blinds

Whether you are looking for an outdoor blind for your home or business we can custom design the perfect outdoor blinds to suit your budget. Each Ziptrak outdoor blind we install in Perth is custom designed to ensure that perfect fit and they come in a fabulous range of materials, finishes and colours.

Why Choose Ziptrak?

Our outdoor blinds, also known as alfresco blinds or bistro blinds create a real contemporary feel, with no chains, winders, pulleys or straps they seamlessly blend into your entertaining space. They are spring loaded for simple and easy operation, with a super smooth gliding action. As the fabric is held inside a channel there is minimum movement and no noisy flapping. Simply pull the alfresco blind up, down or stop at any position in between. For added luxury and the ultimate in convenience, we can install motorised blinds with simple push-button operation.

  • Create a stylish entertaining space
  • Strong and weatherproof
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Protect you from the elements
  • Protect you from Insects

Frequently Asked Questions

Ziptrak® provides a 24 month warranty of all the components of the Ziptrak® Outdoor or Interior system. This warranty is supplied to fabricators, retailers and installers of Ziptrak® blinds who purchase the components from Ziptrak Pty. Ltd., or an Authorised Ziptrak® components distributor.

Consumers who purchase a Ziptrak® product should contact their retailer in the event of any issues with their system.

Retailers have their own warranty period and conditions that consumers should be aware of before deciding to purchase a product. Ziptrak® does not manufacture or sell the skin (material/fabric) of a blind system. As a result, they are not part of the Ziptrak® system and are not included under Ziptrak® warranty. The warranty will void if the fabrication and / or installation of Ziptrak® blind has not been done according to our fabrication and installation manuals.

When you are seeking out Ziptrak® with all of its advanced product features and benefits, be sure to:

  1. Ask your retailer if they sell the official Ziptrak® system
  2. Ask that your quotation and invoice include the Ziptrak® brand name
  3. Once installed, check you’ve received the genuine Ziptrak® system by checking you have the correct parts
Ziptrak® has two systems; the Ziptrak® Outdoor Blind System, and the Ziptrak® Interior Blind system.

Each and every Ziptrak® is customised to your individual requirements, and made-to-measure. There a number of factors that effect the price of Ziptrak blinds. These factors include the price, size, material selection and whether you’re interested in a manually operated, or motorised system. Additionally, the complexities of the installation will also determine the cost, since your retailer may have to include extra parts or time to achieve a seamless appearance and reliable performance.

If you’re wondering how much a Ziptrak blind costs, you’ll need to speak with a local retailer in your area.

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Creating your dream outdoor entertaining space is our specialty and you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

We take care of everything, from the initial measure through to the final install leaving you with a quality outdoor blind.