If you have been thinking about installing outdoor blinds so you can make use of your alfresco space all year round, you have probably noticed there is endless options available. From different styles and colours to fabrics and features, it can be a difficult task deciding on the right blinds for your needs and budget. At Supreme Shades, we are the leading supplier of Ziptrak blinds Perth homes and businesses know and trust. Australian owned and invented, Ziptrak outdoor blinds are the superior solution for outdoor patio protection. What makes them so great? Let’s take a look at the key features and benefits that have led to their outstanding reputation.

Excellent Protection from the Elements

Protect your deck or patio as well as outdoor furniture and plants from rain, wind, dust and harsh UV rays so you can enjoy your outdoor living space at any time of year. Ziptrak blinds also provide great protection from leaves and flying debris during storms and with reduced exposure to the elements, comes reduced property maintenance, meaning you’ll have more time to spend enjoying life outdoors.

Robust Design and Made from Durable Materials

Manufactured using the latest technology and built from high quality materials, Ziptrak blinds are built to last. Even when consistently exposed to the harsh Australian climate, Ziptrak blinds promise to remain functional in your outdoor living area for many years to come, proving to be a worthwhile investment.

Increased Entertaining Space

Providing a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces without disturbing your vision, these outdoor blinds allow you to create additional living and entertaining space that can be treated as an extension to your home. If you regularly throw parties or simply enjoy having family friends over but don’t have enough indoor space to accommodate guests comfortably, Ziptrak blinds are the perfect solution for you.

Pest Control

Pesky flies, mosquitoes and other insects keep many people from enjoying the outdoors, however, by installing Ziptrak blinds, you can enjoy a pleasant evening soaking up beautiful Perth weather without the annoying buzz of flies around your ears. Outdoor blinds ensure a pest-free alfresco area, you won’t even need harmful insect repellents and sprays!

Enhanced Privacy

If you are looking for some extra privacy for your indoors without having to close your curtains and block the natural light, Ziptrak blinds are the answer. Available in a variety of materials like PVC, and a selection of colours which range from clear to entirely opaque options, they are an excellent solution to enhance the privacy of your home ensuring passers-by and neighbours can’t peek inside.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Ziptrak blinds provide offer excellent insulation properties, meaning you can reduce your energy bills by up to 50%. Outdoor blinds can help keep warm air inside in winter and help cool breeze flow through during summer, reducing your need for heating and air conditioning.

Visually Pleasing

Contemporary, sophisticated and versatile, Ziptrak blinds not only keep you comfortable, they look great too. Carefully designed and manufactured to complement and enhance any style home, you can enjoy all the functional benefits Ziptrak blinds have to offer without compromising on style.

Other Key Features of Ziptrak Blinds

  • The ability to lock the blinds at any point up and down the track
  • Simple and safe to operate with no chains, ropes or pullies
  • Can be controlled either manually or automatically
  • Sturdy locks, so you can protect your outdoor area
  • Secure vertical tracks to prevent any annoying banging in the wind
  • The ability to integrate tracks into architecture for a seamless aesthetic

If you are looking to install outdoor blinds in your outdoor space, now is the perfect time to do so. With winter fast approaching, make your alfresco area weatherproof and entertain all winter long with Ziptrak blinds. For more information or for a free quotation to install Ziptrak blinds in your Perth home, get in touch with Supreme Shades today. Call us on (08) 9405 4310 or enquire online to discuss your project.