Shade Matters – Achieving that Amazing Look!

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Shade Matters – Achieving That Amazing Look! It is no secret that shade is an essential part of the exterior of any property. Without it, we are exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun, especially in summer. Choosing the right shading will keep your outdoor area protected from the elements. If you love to [...]

Shade Sails for Carports

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Shade Sails for Carports Not every home comes with a garage but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your car at night or from the weather. Shade sails are a viable shading option that will protect your car from the outdoor elements, particularly at night. You can’t always keep an eye on your vehicle, but you [...]

Lifespan – Maintaining your Shades

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Maintaining Your Outdoor Shades When you pay good money for your outdoor shades, you want to make sure they last. Long-lasting shade sails will provide years of comfort and a healthy return on investment. Choosing a quality shade is the first step, but proper care and maintenance are also important. How to Look after Your Shades [...]

How to Choose a Shade Sail?

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How to Choose a Shade Sail Perth’s weather patterns can be very unpredictable. One minute we are basking in the summer heat and the next minute the rain starts to pour. Often, we are caught out by the change, which is never ideal. Fortunately, with the right shade sail, you don’t need to worry about being [...]

Creating your Supreme Outdoor Space

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Creating Your Supreme Outdoor Space Spending quality time in your backyard is one of life’s little pleasures. If you want to transform your outdoor space, now is a good time to get started. With the right advice and the best products, your backyard can transform into its own sanctuary. Where to Start A supreme outdoor space [...]

Shade Sails Vs Gazebos

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Shade Sails Vs Gazebos Perth is known for its hot and dry weather, which makes having the right sun protection an absolute necessity. Both shade sails and gazebos provide your garden and home with quality protection from the elements. But which one is right for you? Shade Sails There is nothing better than having friends and [...]

Residential Shade Sails

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Enhance Your Home with These Shade Sail Installation Ideas When it comes to creating shaded areas for your home, look no further than shade sails. Few products offer the same amazing combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and sheer flexibility. While products like window awnings, gazebos, or traditional shade cloths can be useful, you pretty much have [...]

5 Uses For Shade Sails

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5 Amazing Uses for Shade Sails Practical, aesthetic, and flexible, there very few things that shade sails can’t do. This highly unique product has a huge range of potential applications, each with its own list of benefits. In this article, we’ll explain what shade sails are and explore a few of the exciting ways they can [...]

Protecting Your Family Through Summer

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Protect Your Family with Our Summer Safety Tips Summer in Australia is a paradoxical time of careless fun and high anxiety. The warm days and blue skies make us want to get outside, but it’s hard not to worry about the risks of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and other summer hazards. We’ve put together this guide so [...]

The Benefits of Installing a Shade Sail

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5 Exciting Benefits of Shade Sails Australia is famous for its great weather and here in Perth, we get some of the best. We enjoy long hot summers with barely a rainy day and mild winters featuring the occasional thunderstorm or downpour. But there are downsides to these beautiful weather patterns, too. Sunburn, UV radiation (UVR) [...]