How to Make The Most of Your Outdoor Space This Summer

By | November 29th, 2016|Categories: Creative, Design|

5 Exciting Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space So you’ve finally bought your dream house with a big backyard, an outdoor patio, and maybe a gazebo or a playground for the kids. But simply having all that outdoor space is just the first step. You also need to ensure that you can make [...]

The Effects of UV Rays

By | October 20th, 2016|Categories: UV Protection|

Don’t Let UV Rays Ruin Your Summer Summer is a time for beach parties, barbecues, cold drinks and adventures with the kids. While all of this seems fun, there is more to summer safety than you might think. That beautiful golden sunshine that is pouring down on you contains ultraviolet radiation (UVR), and in Australia, we [...]