5 Amazing Uses for Shade Sails

Practical, aesthetic, and flexible, there very few things that shade sails can’t do. This highly unique product has a huge range of potential applications, each with its own list of benefits. In this article, we’ll explain what shade sails are and explore a few of the exciting ways they can rejuvenate homes, businesses, institutions, and public spaces.

What Are Shade Sails?

Shade sails are made from a fabric called high-density polypropylene mesh (HDPE), a form of plastic that is roughly as recyclable as a plastic milk carton. Despite being made from plastic, shade sails don’t look cheap. They are created using a knitted weave that is pulled taught and they come in a range of colours, creating some truly striking designs.

Shade sails block out around 95% of harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR), helping to combine the creature comforts of the indoors and outdoors. They protect property, shelter people and create more liveable environments overall.

Here are some of our favourite uses for the versatile shade sail:

  1. Creating Outdoor Rooms

Whether you want an outdoor dining area in your yard or a shady break area in the office courtyard, shade sails make for stylish and practical outdoor rooms. You can create whatever style you want for your shade sail, from simple roof-like coverings to striking architectural designs.

  1. Cooling and Protecting Your Home

UVR isn’t just a problem for your health. The sunlight will also fade your furniture, wooden floors, and carpets. Shutters or window shades can help, but they create a closed feeling. By installing sail shades of the right shape and dimensions in the right places, you can ensure that your windows will be shaded without having to lose your view.

  1. Safe Playgrounds That Look Great

Whether it’s a backyard swing set or a schoolyard jungle gym, shade sails help to keep kids safe. In combination with sunscreen, hats and regular water, shade sails will let kids have fun outside without the risks of UVR exposure. Because they offer so many installation and colour options, shade sails also provide an opportunity for great design features in schools and public playgrounds.

  1. Low-Cost Covered Parking

If your home or business lacks a carport or garage, shade sails provide a way to protect your vehicles from the sun. Exposure to direct sunlight can fade and damage cars, so creating a shady parking spot will keep your car looking great for longer. Compared to the cost of building a garage, or even just a carport, investing in shade sails is a smart option indeed.

  1. A Respite for Sunbathers

Getting out for a swim in the sun is good for you, whether at the beach or the pool. But too much time in the sun can leave you sunburned, suffering heatstroke, and it can increase your risk of skin cancer and even cataracts. Shade sails help to create UVR-protected shady areas alongside pools or on the beachfront so that bathers can take regular breaks from the sun.

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