An attractive and affordable solution for all-weather protection, shade sails are quick and easy to install, low maintenance and can be custom made to improve the functionality of outdoor areas in almost any Perth home. Supreme Shades is a family-owned and run business that specialises in supplying and installing custom shade sails for Perth residential and commercial clients. If you are looking to invest in shade sails, there are a few things to consider and decisions to make to ensure you get the right style, colour and fabric to complement your home and enhance your lifestyle.

Getting the Design Right

Spend some time in the area to watch the location angle and path of the sun, especially during the times the area will be in most use. This will ensure you know the exact amount of area you need covered and if you will need multiple sails. When it comes to mounting, there are endless options. Mounting a single sail with all corners at the same height may work well for shade, but might not be very visually pleasing. You can consider mounting the sails on a tilted plane with the lower part of the sail in the direction of the sun’s path. Changes in elevations can add interest and look great. The more change in elevation, the more dramatic the effect. Overlapping several smaller sails is also quite common and encouraged as is using sails with contrasting or coordinating colours which can produce eye-catching results.

Choosing the Right Fabric

There is a huge variety of shade cloth fabrics and they all have different features and benefits. Choosing a shade fabric that fits your needs and has longevity out in the elements is essential but how can you tell which one is the right one for you? Whether you want maximum light transference, heavy-duty sun protection or shelter from wind and rain, asking yourself the below questions may help you determine the right fabric for your shade sails:

  • Do you often experience extreme weather conditions such as hail, high winds and storms?
  • Do you need your shade cloth to be waterproof?
  • How much area do you want the sail to cover?
  • Are you protecting people or vehicles from UV rays?

Knowing what you need and want from your shade sails will help you pick a fabric that suits your specific requirements. If you need further advice, consult your local shade sail specialist for their suggestions and recommendations.

Which Shade Sail Colour Should You Pick?

If you look around you will find most shade sails installed within residential and commercial properties are in the neutral tones, as these complement most buildings and seamlessly blend into their surroundings. However, when it comes to shade fabric colours, you don’t have to play it safe. If you prefer your shade sails to stand out or make a statement, you can be bold, bright and creative with your choice. The below tips may help with your colour selection:

  • You don’t need to pick just one colour. Mixing and matching multiple shade cloth colours will add depth to the design and create visual interest that looks unique and contemporary.
  • If you want your shade sails to blend in with the existing colour scheme of your home or property, choose colours that are complimentary. If you want to create a striking design feature pick contrasting colours or bold and bright hues.
  • Pick colours based on the location and function of the sails. Earthy colours may be a good option if you want to sails to disappear into surrounding foliage, while sails over children’s play areas might be better suited to bright, fun colours.
  • While all high quality shade sails provide excellent sun protection, lighter colours may provide slightly less UV protection than darker coloured sails, however they will let in more light.

If you want to invest in the best shade sails for your Perth home get in touch with the team at Supreme Shades today. Our highly trained shade sail experts will work with you to design and install the perfect shade sail solution that will suit your needs, taste and budget. Call us today on (08) 9405 4310 or contact us online for a free quotation.