If you’re planning on installing a shade sail, you might focus on getting the design right and choosing the most suitable colour and fabric. However, it’s important that you don’t forget to consider the council approvals and planning permission you might need. Many people assume that shade sails don’t require council approval, however this isn’t always the case. At Supreme Shades, we are Perth’s leaders in commercial shade cloth structures. Whether you need council approval for your shade sails is dependent on a range of factors so here’s some useful information to help ensure you comply, contact your local council for all applicable requirements.

What Are Planning and Building Permits?

Planning approval ensures that the development of a property complies with the local planning scheme, design codes and other relevant legislation. Development can be defined as anything from large-scale projects to housing additions, commercial signage and events.

A building approval ensures that the proposed building work complies with the Building Codes of Australia and other relevant standards. A permit is needed for any building works involving the construction of structures, alterations or extensions and changes to ground levels, including:

  • Commercial buildings including fit outs and refurbishments
  • Preparing for building work, such as changing ground levels or site work
  • Carports, patios, sheds and garages
  • Front fences and retaining walls
  • Swimming pools and spas

Approvals for Shade Sails

Planning Approval is only required when the proposed shade sail varies to the standards of the design codes. Should it be required, it must be obtained prior to a building permit being issued.

A Building Permit is required for a proposed shade sail when the structure exceeds 20m2. A building permit is not required for a shade sail that is less than 20m2 and less than 2.4m in height unless there is already an existing shade sail on the property.

It’s important to check with your local council for their exact regulations to ensure your proposed shade structure is compliant.

Other Things to Consider

Heritage and Conservation Zones – If your home or commercial building is a heritage listed site, or part of a conservation zone, it’s essential that you consult with the relevant authorities before any construction of shade sails commences. Even if your proposed sail structure is free-standing ensuring no damage to the building, heritage restrictions may still deem that your shade sail changes the appearance of the building and reject your design.

Sail Location – If any part of your shade sail will be in front of the building line on the primary street, you will likely have to gain council approval. The distance your shade sail needs to be from the boundary lines around your property in order to be exempt will vary depending on your home, the size of your property and the surrounding buildings.

Get Advice Before You Start

Every local council has different rules and regulations, so it’s always best to confirm with your council exactly what kind of approvals you need. Many local governments have made it easy to see the zoning, overlays and planning conditions for your property online or else you can give them a call during business hours.

At Supreme Shades, we have over 20 years’ experience in the supply and installation of custom commercial shade cloth structures throughout Perth. Our locally based team will ensure that your new shade sail design will fit within your council’s guidelines and help you through the approval process if required. Call us today on (08) 9405 4310 to start planning your new shade sail structure with Perth’s trusted shade sail supplier.